Energy of Tomorrow Conference

The energy of the future, its efficient use, and its green obtaining – these are just some of the topics that experts from the sector will discuss at the Energy of Tomorrow conference. Elena Pedova, CEO of Evklips Energy, will be presenting at the Conference along with Dr. Eng. Ivan Jeliazkov – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of CERB and Manager of CERB Solar CERB GROUP and Phd. Dr. Ivan Ivanov – Chairman, Energy and Water Regulatory Commission Energy and Water Regulatory Commission. 

The event, organized by the economic website, will be held on March 28 at Inter Expo Center starting at 13:30.

You can register for the event at:

Consistency leads to progress

The location is Kalanti, Finland. Low temperatures, plenty of snow, frozen ground with root network. The northern climate and ground conditions are indeed challenging not only for living but also for building a ground solar park. We have been facing a lot of obstacles on site but with consistency and dedication, we managed to make this huge progress within 3 months of hard work. On our way to build 240MWp solar park – the biggest solar park in Finland.


Global prospects for solar

About 1.5 TWdc have been installed globally through 2023; another 3 TWdc of capacity is expected in the next decade. Solar is expected to shift from high growth to a slower-growing, mature industry in 2024. Starting in 2024, the industry is officially past the inflection point, characterized by a slower growth pattern of its S-curve. Trends are for enhanced battery technologies and innovative storage systems to solve the implications coming from the intermittent nature of solar power. 

2023 Recap

With the beginning of the New Year, we are reflecting on the completed goals for the past one – 2023. This was most definitely a challenging year but with a lot of dedication, hard work, and consistency we managed to overcome all obstacles and accomplish the goals we have set, even go beyond them.

In 2023 we started building Floating PV plants and have successfully executed 3 floating projects. 

Our portfolio expansion in the past year included Finland and Belgium markets with the beginning of 2 projects in these countries.

Our €6.5 million investment in a solar park in Bulgaria was completed and is currently operational.

We have established a professional center for theoretical and practical learning in the field of electrical installation of solar construction. 

Evklips numbers for 2023 are:

Number of countries, in which we were building: 6

Number of completed projects: 24

Total installed capacity: 649MW

Total manhours: 180 948

Tons of saved CO2 emissions: 199 368 (annually)

Number of powered households: 200 486

With our 2023 accomplishments in mind, we begin the new 2024 with an even greater commitment to sustainability. Thank you for participating in our journey so far and buckle up for what’s coming next. We promise it will be exciting!

Harvesting the energy from the Finnish sun

Finland has an advantage in the face of its low atmospheric temperature, which improves the efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells. The colder it gets, the better the solar panels work. Solar panels can also withstand snow loads if they are installed following directions. In Finland, the optimal installation angle for annual production is rather steep.

In 2022, solar power production in Finland amounted to nearly 635 megawatts. The share of solar power in Finnish electricity production is approaching 1%. According to Finland’s transmission system, the overall solar power plant capacity in Finland may climb to 7 gigawatts by 2030. Our team has started building 240MWp project that will contribute to reaching that goal. 

SOLARPLAZA Floating PV and Agri-PV Summits

The time has come for this year’s edition of Solarplaza Floating PV and Agri-PV Summits in Rome, Italy. On October 4th and 5th Elena Rasheva (our CEO and Co-founder) will be speaking about Floating PV (Critical Look at Installation and O&M Safety in Floating PV projects) and Agri PV (Farmers and Developers: a Roundtable Dialogue on Expectations and Working Together). Join us to learn from our experience and knowledge gained throughout the years.

Agri-PV webinar

Agriculture is the foundation of our existence. No doubt about how drastically it has changed over the course of time and with the development of technologies, we must ensure our food is taken care of in the best possible way. Agri-PV is making its way when it comes to combining harvesting solar energy and growing crops. During Solar Plaza Summit Elena has shared some insights from our Agri-PV experience throughout the years. In case you’ve missed it – here is a link with a record form the event:

Zero prices for electricity

During an hour on Sunday May 21 the value of -€5.67/MWh was registered, which is the lowest in history. For the week as a whole, prices decreased in all European markets, due to the decreased gas demand and prices, and also to a higher solar and wind energy production from the previous week.

Floating solar park? Yes, we do that too.

As we are building Oudehaske II floating solar park, we wanted to share with you some of the benefits of having panels over water:

  • the water can cool the solar panels, making floatovoltaics as much as 15% more efficient than solar panels on land;
  • leaving untouched land for essential needs such as farming, housing, forests, and reforesting;
  • reducing the evaporation from the water bodies, crucial in areas susceptible to droughts.